Environment concerns us all!

07. December 2021 ///


As an innovative company, it is our aim to attach great importance to the environment. In harmony with nature, between mountains and valleys, we produce all encompasing, sustainable textile solutions at our site in Bad Mitterndorf. We see new trends as a challenge to become even better. Our developments are created in ecological harmony, combining innovative and sustainable concepts forms the basis of our work.


Sustainability is innovative or conversely, technology and sustainability are not mutually exclusive

The use of recycled polyester yarn means that what appears to be waste is reused in a meaningful way. What ends up in the oceans as plastic waste is now returned to the cycle of raw materials and thus helps to conserve resources. For this we use european certified, recycled polyester yarn from PET bottles. With this "upcycling", Herbert KNEITZ GmbH contributes significantly to avoiding waste on the one hand and to protecting the environment on the other.


We pay attention to the origin of our raw materials

Animal welfare is also important to us. Mulesing techniques are often used when rearing sheep. As these practices are not in the interests of animal welfare, they are banned in some countries. Herbert KNEITZ GmbH is also setting an example here and only uses mulesing-free wool. We have third-party certificates to confirm compliance.


Verifiable origin and transparency along the supply chain

The REFIBRA ™ yarns we use reduce the amount of new raw materials to be produced, as they partly come from renewable wood resources from sustainable forestry. Added with Recycled cotton scraps, which are otherwise unusable, new fibers are produced and thus returned to the textile cycle. The use of these yarns sets a new innovation and sustainability milestone at Herbert KNEITZ GmbH.

The respectful treatment of nature is important to us and is firmly anchored in our corporate philosophy. In this way, Herbert KNEITZ GmbH sets an example for ecological sustainability in terms of our environment. We see it as our duty to give back to nature what it offers us.

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