Geneva International Motor Show 2018 inspirations

22. March 2018 /// Ann-Kathrin Eisenbarth & Tim Galonska

A summary of some of our design highlights

For our team, the annual Geneva International Motor Show is one of the most important sources of inspiration. It reflects the latest trends in the automotive industry. The interior textiles produced by KNEITZ must match the vehicle's overall concept. Accordingly, the exterior colours, innovative materials, general design language and the design concepts presented by the major and the smaller OEMs play an important role when we develop our fabric collections.

This year, some general current industry issues such as electric transport, autonomous vehicles and the interaction between humans and technology were taken on board in the form of a wide range of different innovation concepts; however, the truly innovative product of this year's show usually emerges only as a result of these current issues.

The exterior colours offered by the manufacturers were a theme that appeared to be omnipresent throughout the exhibition halls. It almost seemed as if the organisers of the Geneva International Motor Show intended to ensure a brand-independent matching look. A manufacturer's particular highlights were often shown in shades of green; however, the overall look of the vehicles presented was governed by various shades of red and blue, independent of OEM, price segment or vehicle class.

Several awards are presented at the Designers' Night event, which is held on the evening of the first media day, including the award for the best concept car design. Not for the first time, the Vision Coupé – a Mazda exterior study – won for its overall design; the concept had already convinced the jury in Paris.

Vision Coupé is the perfection of a concept trend that is again particularly prevalent this year: Shiny or matte, anthracite-coloured exteriors with a striking and dynamic design language are cleverly emphasised by light effects and ambience, which creates a sophisticated and calm, yet also highly technology-focused effect.

In our opinion, Rolls Royce offers the best exterior colour concept. The Phantom was launched in three versions. The most outstanding version, however, is the design "Whispered Muse", whose exterior in "Selby Grey" and "Palais Nemaskar" creates an elegant and majestic look. The precision craftsmanship of the interior is hard to beat, from hand-polished seashell veneer to precious silk and the most exquisite leather, every aspect of luxury was taken into consideration. Rolls Royce usually uses different colours for the front seats and the back seat of the car; this model is no exception. Whilst the chauffeur at the front is surrounded by dark shades of grey, the passengers in the rear sit on slightly seashell-coloured upholstery.

In our view, the most exciting concept vehicle presented at the show was Hyundai's coupé study Le Fil Rouge. A 3D-look knitted fabric was used for the interior seat covers; the footwell has a particularly soft texture and makes the passengers feel as if they are at home, rather than undertaking an uncomfortable journey. Even the on-board technology is connected directly to their network, controls and household appliances at home. The natural materials and calm lines are reminiscent of a relaxing spa area. The technology also emphasises the inspiration for this design as the vehicle measures vital signs and automatically initiates relaxation measures such as music and ambient lighting.

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