Premium services
We also offer our customers a wide range of services to ensure that they are satisfied with more than just the fabrics we supply. We are so successful because our partners never fail to be impressed with our functional system solutions.

Service management centre

We believe that being proactive is the key to establishing a perfect partnership between KNEITZ and its customers. For us, this not only means working consistently on innovative product solutions but also providing effective solutions to the challenges our customers and partners encounter. You will therefore benefit from a service management centre that offers you reliable and high-quality comprehensive solutions and supports you all the way, which promotes long-term partnerships.

Development partner

Your future interior fabric must meet special requirements, or you would like a customised fabric that reflects your corporate identity? We will be by your side as your dedicated development partner. We are delighted to be able to offer you our expert advice when it comes to the design, materials and features to ensure that you get the fabric you need; rest assured, we always have your best interests at heart.

Our creative design department can set new trends and also design completely new patterns on the basis of your brief. Our technical development department accompanies your design from initial sample to series production and ensures that our quality standards and the process stability are maintained at all times. Our fabrics keep what they promise thanks to a mature development process.

Fabric production

Thanks to our extensive range of machinery, we can deal with yarn rewinding and sectional warping ourselves. This facilitates higher production planning flexibility right from the start of the production process and also allows us to quickly and reliably respond to spontaneous order increases.

Electronic machine data capturing and the respective production planning ensures that the actual weaving process focuses on the efficient use of our human, equipment and material resources. This allows us to always achieve outstanding quality and maximum cost-effectiveness, regardless of which weaving technique is used - benefits which we pass on directly to our customers.

Equipment and finishing

Besides such features as distortion compensation, tension adjustment and coatings, which we achieve with our own equipment, we are also able to add further properties such as protective coatings, laminated finishes, embossing and durability optimisation to the fabric thanks to our production partners, whom we have worked with for many years. Particularly in this area, a wide range of far-reaching innovations is available to the textile industry. That is also why KNEITZ actively addresses the development of new fabric properties and finishes.

Quality assurance

KNEITZ consistently monitors and optimises its in-house quality management system and applies the highest standards. As we pursue a zero fault strategy in order to continuously improve our quality level, all raw and final products must be inspected to guarantee that a consistently outstanding quality is maintained for our customers. In addition, our thorough quality records, which ensure end-to-end traceability from the customer to the yarn supplier, provide complete transparency. Our in-house laboratory documents all goods received inspections, the initial inspections of the first samples and all monitoring inspections carried out during series production in accordance with any customer-specific requirements and the most common standards.


In order to keep the lead times as short as possible and to compensate for order fluctuations, KNEITZ not only has its own, extremely professional in-house production planning department that takes a great number of production steps into account but also keeps a regular basic stock of raw materials and finished products on site. We can therefore make samples and production materials available to you for collection at short notice. We also cooperate with reliable logistics companies to get your products to you in excellent condition and packaged according to your requirements.