Working at KNEITZ
As employer already, the company proves to be future-oriented and modern. With positive effects on private and professional life.

Our values

KNEITZ is a company where dedicated people can expect to find secure jobs and a positive, innovative environment. As an Austrian company that is extremely aware of its traditions and its social, economic and ecological responsibilities, our priority is customer focus.  This raised awareness gives a deeper meaning to our work. Together with our team, we intend to be the leading supplier of premium interior textiles and expect from ourselves, along with our partners or job candidates, that we actively pursue this goal at all times.

The basic precondition for achieving this goal is that everyone, without exception, is committed to the company's guiding values. We stand together and make every effort to support the company, our colleagues and above all our customers, and we demonstrate responsibility. We act with financial prudence and take the company's health, and the goal of increasing its efficiency and the quality of its products, into account at all times. We know that this will ultimately lead to successful long-term business relationships. However, we also show courage when it comes to our business activities, question the status quo and aim to trigger changes through innovation and investment in order to regularly surprise our customers, time and again. We are mindful of what unites us - namely our focus on performance and expertise and the courage to learn from our mistakes and to jointly find the best solutions.

The benefits

The company is certain of one thing: Working for KNEITZ must be worth it. That is why our employees not only enjoy attractive salary packages, paid holidays and bonuses but also non-monetary advantages such as flexible working hours and office times, training and development programmes, group activities and additional, individual employment terms. Despite the size of our company, we are therefore like one big family; this even applies to the relationships between the different companies in the group.

However, whether they earn a wage or a salary, everyone that works for Herbert KNEITZ GmbH not only enjoys comprehensive workplace benefits but can also benefit from working for KNEITZ in other, home-life related ways. As soon as they join the company, our employees are eligible for exclusive discounts on holidays, fashion and technology, for example. The corporate benefits are summarised on our dedicated platform and are regularly updated by our partner company with yet more discounts available to our employees.

Our future

KNEITZ also intends to have a high-performing workforce in the future. We therefore manage the further training of talented employees ourselves and offer not only personalised training plans and further development measures to those who already work for us but also vocational training through the Getzner Textil AG apprenticeship programme. As our apprentices receive their training throughout the entire group, they gain a wide range of experiences in different locations and are taught by various experts. Group-wide events establish mutual trust and a team focus. This promotes solidarity between the various companies and across the generations.

KNEITZ and Getzner feel responsible for their apprentices and want to ensure their ongoing motivation. KNEITZ therefore financially rewards with a performance-related bonus.


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