7234 - silber

9042133 Fanny-FC_ECE

Flat woven
54% PUR / 46% PES
140 cm
Seating Surface
Bolster Material
ECE-R 118-2, Annex 8
ECE-R 118-2, Annex 6
ECE-R 118-2, Annex 7
Total weight about 630 g/m²
Abrasion resistance > 50.000 Martindale
Preview dimensions about 25 x 25 cm
The play of colours transposes radiant and particularly noble. The calm and even pattern of the plain appearing fabric creates an elegant and luxorious character. The flat-woven fabric is exceptionally durable because of its flocked yarns and the fluorocarbon finish adds water- and dirt-repelling features.
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